New home designs
for modern living

Our range of Better Living Residential home designs has been developed to accommodate the needs of a modern family while still delivering on energy efficiency and contemporary style.

All of our pre-existing home designs have the built-in flexibility to be modified to suit your needs.

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Our new home designs consider: 

  • Floor plan zoning – our intelligent floor plans create a separation of private and shared areas
  • Room sizes – we ensure that room sizes are proportionately relevant to your furniture
  • Room layout – we believe that rooms should relate well to each other based on their intended use, privacy and the ability to communicate between areas of the home
  • Flow – we ensure that traffic from room to room doesn’t split or divide rooms or interrupt use
  • Solar orientation – our designs allow you to capture the best of the winter sun and  protect you from the harsh afternoon sun in summer.

Final release apartments
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